Not only can TAGFRESH be used almost anywhere due to the simple, effective hanging loop, but the colour change enables you to see when replacement is needed. As TAGFRESH exhausts the perfume, it changes colour from green to blue. Your eyes tell will tell when you need a new TAGFRESH long before your nose does.


Under normal conditions, TAGFRESH is probably the most economic air freshener available, costing just pennies a day.


TAGFRESH is a really versatile product. It comes as a tag that can be easily attached to a wide variety of objects. Over the years users have found a very wide variety of applications for TAGFRESH. These include, but are by no means limited to:

Hospitals, nursing homes, day care centres, schools, colleges, airports, planes, ferries, coaches, trains, all toilets, pubs, holiday camps, tents, caravans, swimming pools, changing rooms, farm machinery, animal shelters, kennels, catteries, waste bin areas, factories, offices, garden sheds, garages, fishing boats, leisure clubs, portaloos/portable toilets, trucks, and many many more.


Unlike other air fresheners, TAGFRESH is designed to work in the most discreet manner. Although you will be able to tell by the pleasant fragrance that TAGFRESH is there, it is so small and neat that your customers won't. Because TAGFRESH hangs up, it doesn't need any sticking or fixing, will not detract from the decor and will not block drains or channels.

The rate of perfume release is temperature dependant, under normal conditions one TAGFRESH per 30 cubic meters of room space will keep the surroundings smelling fresh and clean for a whole month. The versatility of TAGFRESH enables it to be used in almost every conceivable situation. In fact, wherever you or your customers appreciate fragrances rather than odours.